College Basketball Championship Stats: Who Should you Avoid?

The college basketball championship is well known in the United States, as well as many teams that have gained recognition, and many athletes in particular, who have started playing there and have ended up playing in the most important basketball league: the NBA.

During the season, they have a very tight schedule of preparation for the games, especially the days before every match. But in case you don’t know a lot about it, and yet want to bet in this league, here we leave you some of the teams you should avoid betting on.

All our recommendations are based on statistics we have studied closely.


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National Collegiate Athletic Association, otherwise known as NCAA, is responsible for organizing and carrying out any competition or sports programs with college teams in the United States. It covers different sports, one of which is basketball, and its league is one of the most important and popular.

Kansas Jayhawks College Basketball

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This is the intercollegiate men’s basketball program at the University of Kansas. Their start in the season was very good, they even reached the No.1 position, but they were overcome little by little by different teams, even ending up in a position as low as 13th.

That is why the betting houses offer a great amount in favor of this team in any game. They are having a terrible season, and they very much lack the motivation to compete in the national championship.

Virginia Tech

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This is the basketball team of the Polytechnic Institute and State University of Virginia, one of the teams who are in a low position in betting, as well as the championship’s table of positions.

Their start of season went badly, and they got worse as it progressed. Hence, the betting house is giving +6000 in favor of them. They have lost games with great rivals and with inferior rivals, thus it’s considered that they are failing this season.

So many people prefer not to take risks and bet on them because they haven’t shown a winning or fighter performance to try to go up in the competition.

Memphis State

memphisstate - College Basketball Championship Stats: Who Should you Avoid?

This is the men’s basketball team at the University of Memphis. And it’s the team with the lowest position of the national championship, as they are in the last place.

They have had a very poor performance, and without a doubt, the team has been seen very badly, without sports spirit nor the will to fight for the championship. +25000 is what the bookmakers offer for this team because they have shown that they don’t want to win since the beginning of the season.

The Favorites

There are some teams many bookmakers have as favorites, due to their great performance in the league, and even some of them are within the Top 5 best ones, so far. Some of them are the universities of Duke, Michigan, and Tennessee in the Top 3, while the last ones of the top are Virginia and Kentucky. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, that’s why even these university leagues are so popular in betting. You just need to know some basic statistics about this sport and especially watch the development of the teams, so you know which one to choose and bet on.

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