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 System of Competition

Competition System

The following game system should serve as a basis for programming the 2013 FIBA Americas Championship. If any change is required, it must be approved by the Executive Committee of FIBA ​​Americas. The tournament is played for points in the first and second phase and therefore can produce a tie in points between two or more teams. In this case the system will use the Official FIBA Rules for this kind of dispute.

The ten (10) teams are divided into two groups of five (5) teams, A and B. The teams play within their group, all against all five (5) days (from August 30 to September 3, 2013 with a total of twenty (20) games), leaving a free team in each group for each date.

After the first phase, teams are located as follows:

 A1 B1
 A2 B2
 A3 B3
 A4 B4
 A5 B5

With the positions in each of the groups A and B set for the first phase, the teams located in the 5th position in each group will have completed their participation in the tournament and 24 hours after, the responsibility of "LOC" in connection with his duties end as host of the two teams.

The teams that end up in the 1st thorugh 4th position instead go to the second round. The points obtained in the first round move along to the second round, except the points achieved against the 5th position team in each group.

The sixth day is free for all participants and the second phase is from the seventh day to the tenth day (September 5-8, 2013) with a total of sixteen (16) games and the four (4) of Group A play against the other four (4) of group B, as follows:

Note: Before beginning this phase, the home team has the ability to select the date to play in the first term and therefore its delegate must notify in writing to the Technical Director one (1) hour after the last game of their participation in the second phase. Then, all dates move in the clockwise direction.

Seventh Day - September 5, 2013

 Match #  21 A1 vs. B4
                 22 A2 vs. B3
                 23 A3 vs. B2
                 24 A4 vs. B1

Eighth Day - September 6, 2013

Match #   25 A1 vs. B3
                 26 A2 vs. B4
                 27 A3 vs. B1
                 28 A4 vs. B2

Ninth Day - September 7, 2013

Match #  29 A1 vs. B2
                30 A2 vs. B1
                31 A3 vs. B4
                32 A4 vs. B3
Tenth Day - September 8, 2013
Match #  33 A1 vs. B1
                34 A2 vs. B2
                35 A3 vs. B3
                36 A4 vs. B4

After the second round, the standings are set in global terms from positions 1st through 8th. The 1st through 4th go to the next stage of semi finals. The teams that placed 5th through 8th end their participation in the tournament and 24 hours after that also ends the responsibility of the "LOC" in connection with their duties as host of the four teams.

Eleventh Day - September 9, 2013 (FREE)

Now the two semi-finals of the tournament are played as follows:

Twelfth Day - September 10, 2013

Match  # 37 The Second (2nd) vs. the Third (3rd)
                38 The First (1st) vs. The Fourth (4th)

The Final of the 2013 FIBA ​​Americas Championship the next day:
Thirteenth Day - September 11, 2013
Match # 39 - losers of games 37 and 38 for the Bronze Medal
               40 - winners of games 37 and 38 for the Gold Medal

Both in the second phase and in the semifinals, the order of the matches can be changed according to the commitments of the organizers and national TV with the respective FIBA ​​Americas international TV rights. Similarly, the host country has the right to choose to play with the first or last game of each phase and the schedule will play from the start of the championship to the semifinals. With regard to the finals the game for the gold medal will always be played in the last game of the Championship. 

The first four (4) teams located in the final standings will be automatically qualified for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain. According to the internal regulations of FIBA ​​since one of the countries of the Americas (USA) was Olympic Champion the number of the qualifiers for the World Championships is four (4).


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