4 Facts about Luka Doncic’s Career in the NBA and Why You Should Bet on Him

Luka Doncic is a basketball player who’s only 19 years old and is playing in the most important basketball league: the NBA. The young Slovenian played in the ACB league of Spain with the Real Madrid Basketball team where he got great numbers and broke some records.

Besides being on the map of basketball he’s also getting great recognition and fans are going nuts betting on him to make some money.

Basketball in Europe vs. Basketball in the USA

He’s currently playing for the NBA’s team, Dallas Mavericks. And recently in some interviews, he explains the differences of playing basketball at the European level and playing it in the most recognized and important basketball league in the world.

Without a doubt, Luka continues to do his best anywhere he plays, making a difference in the league or the team he chooses to play at and at his young age, he has achieved very important titles and admirable numbers.

Just by having a 53-point average with the Mavericks in his first season on the NBA, and coming with a 9,2 points per game average in his last European League, people are pleased to bet on him recognizing what a good player he is. Check your bookmarker before placing a bet and check for the results later on.

Participation in the NBA All-Star Game?

NBA All-Star Game is one of the most important basketball events who bring together the best stars of the NBA that stood out during the year and were the most voted. It’s a totally friendly match where they will be divided into two groups. And it was rumored Luka was one of the chosen teammates.

But it didn’t happen, and Doncic said it was a little bit disappointing. But he confessed that what meant the most to him was the support of the people who voted for him. He still doesn’t lose hope and will work hard for the next year to play in the team.

It’s really a shame for him not to be involved in the NBA All-Star game as people would’ve bet on him to be the best of the new additions to the line-up, his stats and how much he scores during the game. Maybe next year, right?

The biggest dream

One of his dreams as a basketball player is to win an NBA ring, and he confesses that until now it’s the biggest goal he has. But being so young and so talented, we don’t doubt that at some point he will succeed.

Lebron statements

In an interview, Lebron James chooses him between the players with whom he would like to play; being an active referent of basketball is a comment that means a lot to Luka. That’s why Doncic also referred to it explaining it was very special those words what one of the greatest in the history of basketball said about him.

Undoubtedly, it is a young promising basketball player that still has much to learn, but especially for showing us all the talent he has. If at 19 years old he’s compared to great legends like Lebron, this young man is on a good path. For you to bet on Doncic, get ready to choose a nice and safe sportsbook to place your bet and start winning money. He is one of the new NBA players to keep an eye on in the years to come if you are a fan of sports betting.

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