The Golden State Warriors Are Odds-On Favorites to Win This Season

As the NBA’s season is about to start, everything is ready for the action, within the best basketball league in the world. This is another year which will have as championship’s defenders the Warriors, and the franchise is seeking its third consecutive title.

Favorite Teams to Win NBA in 2019

During our analyses, we found the following teams to be favorites to win the NBA this year: Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans.

Which Team Will Win the 2018-19 NBA Title?

There are three types of basketball teams. There are teams that before starting the competition are already in all the favorite pools, simply because of the trajectory of the franchise. Then there are teams that few beyond their fans would bet on but then surprise with good outcomes, the classic surprise of the year.

Finally, there are the teams doomed to wait a few more seasons before having real aspirations of play-offs. These favorites and the drastic movements of the underdogs are some of the things analyzed by the tool of Championship odds. As part of its studies, this portal also takes into consideration the evolution of each team’s potential.

The Warriors are the Favorites

nbachampion - The Golden State Warriors Are Odds-On Favorites to Win This Season

After several weeks of action, the Golden State Warriors remain the overwhelming favorites with a probability of -150, well above the Boston Celtics that amounted to a forecast of +1000 as we could see. The California team has stood among the favorites for several years, almost by decree, adding 3 of the last 4 championships.

Steve Kerr took the reins of the team and opened space on the court for Curry to establish the law of triple in the Warriors. Such is the influence of Curry in the team and their set up, which since he was injured a few days ago in the Golden State has accumulated 4 losses in the last games.

These added to the other 2 of the season have left them with a partial of 6/6, and relegated to the fifth place in the West. As Curry influences the team’s set up, it’s resulted in a 5th place and streak of defeats. The team remains one of the favorites to win the NBA in 2019.

Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets

The Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets are close to being the favorites. Last season’s playoffs already showed that these two teams, finalists in lectures, are in hunting and capturing their ring. The Boston Celtics, led by Kyrie Irving and young Jason Tatum are held in the top 5 favorite teams to win the NBA in 2019. Beyond the other favorite teams, there seems to be no alternative to end the dominion of the Warriors. Thus, if nothing strange happens, they will earn their third consecutive ring.

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